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We at Rusty Spurr Coatings do all sorts of concrete repairs and restorations.  In order to take pride in our work and have a coated floor that looks smooth and flat at the end it is absolutely necessary to address any defects in the slab.  Even if there are hair line cracks in the floor that you are sure will be covered by ¼ flake broadcast its necessary to repair these.  In the event that these are ignored the flake will cover the crack initially however what will happen is that when clear topcoat is applied it would be possible for the Polyaspartic clear coat to run into the crack and leave a dry spot on the floor and the applicator will be left scratching their heads in amazement that they missed a spot.

I have seen it time and time again when a home owner says that their basement or garage need no repairs however after the diamond grind and vacuum that is seldom the case.  Don’t worry though most of the time what we uncover is easily repaired. 

What cases spalling?  This is a common question we get asked for example.


What caused this surface failure on my integrally colored concrete driveway, and what can I do to repair it? The driveway is 6 years old and 1,000 square feet in size, but only a few hundred square feet directly in front of the garage doors show signs of failure.


This type of surface failure, known as spalling or scaling, is more common in colder climates where freeze-thaw cycles (we see approximately 50 of these annually in Alberta) and de-icing chemicals are prevalent. Freezing causes the water in the capillaries of the concrete to expand, creating pressure. Over time, the expansive pressure from repeated cycles of freezing and thawing can break away the top surface of the concrete, leaving pit marks and exposing the coarse aggregate. De-icing chemicals only aggravate the already-stressed concrete by allowing more water to migrate into the concrete, thus increasing the size and depth of the spalling failures when a freeze occurs. That’s why the problem occurred only in front of the garage, where the cars are often parked. De-icing chemicals picked up from the road dripped onto the surface, allowing water to permeate that area.

On new concrete, you can dramatically reduce water-induced spalling by applying a penetrating waterproofing sealer 28 days after concrete placement and every few years thereafter. To address the problem after it has occurred requires covering the entire affected area with a polymer-modified cementitious overlay in a color matching the existing driveway or a new pattern and colour. Once the overlay cures, We apply 2 coats of a waterproofing sealer to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

We see these commonly in garages as well; although the problems are caused by the same de-icing agents falling on the floor the fix is a little different.  We never recommend using sealers in doors because of off gassing and it is very slippery, even with the traction aids.  We can fix spalling in garages by hand troweling an epoxy motor mix into the spalls and then grind it flat.  The garage floor can then be coated with an epoxy coating and the problem will not happen again..





Repairs & Restorations

As long as the slab is structurally sound it can usually be repaired.  Cracks usually go all the way through your slab and are usually not that difficult to repair.  We usually open the crack up with a crack chasing blade then use a silica epoxy mortar mix, a Polyurea that dries extremely quick and if there is a possibility of moisture in the crack we use a special epoxy mix that will not expand in the crack (Mer Cap 45).  If there were walls removed leaving nail holes or if there are deep holes in your concrete they can be fixed as well.  The process is a bit different in this application as we will usually cut out the edges to provide sharp edges run a shot blaster over it to clean any contaminants that can weaken the mechanical bond then fill it with an epoxy or Polyurea mortar mix.  Once dry the mortar mix is ground flat and the resulting patch is visible it will be stronger than the original cement.  Finally we can go over the floor with a Resin of the customs choice and you will never see that hole again.  Please contact us and we can mitigate your repairs and restorations no matter how extensive or minor they may be.


We have an assortment of grinders, scarifiers, shot blasters to remove mastic, thin set, glue, sealers, paint, epoxy’s  or any other residual left overs on concrete you need removed.  These machines are very efficient and are virtually dust free. Maybe you want to DIY your own project but don’t want to do the prep work, we can help with that as well.  Our shot blaster can prep up to 700 sq feet per hour and remove lines down to 4 inches that are painted or resin based. Contact us at Rusty Spurr Coatings to consult with you on your needs.

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